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The Basic Setup

Package: The Basic Setup

Is The Basic Setup for me?

The Basic Setup is perfect for any sex worker who wants to create a secure and protected online presence on the internet. With the emergence of the U.S FOSTA/SESTA laws, many advertising directories, technology companies and social media platforms have shut down or given sex workers the boot. In this increasingly hostile environment it is sensible to future-proof your business online and make sure that whatever happens - your clients can still find you.

With a Basic Setup you can ensure your business is always available and cannot be shut by another company. Red Cloud only uses sex worker-friendly services and technologies. The Wordpress platform is versatile and when introduced to it, we will give you the tools to edit your website comfortably and with minimum confusion.

This is the right package for you if you want to secure your sex working business online with minimal effort.

What do I get with The Basic Setup?

With your Basic Setup you will be able to choose a layout you like and it will present as a one-page website. We can help match you with a layout that suits your brand and services. Your website will also get an automatic legal disclaimer popup such as ‘You must be over 18 to view this website’. You can add whatever content you like onto this website or if creating online content isn’t your strength we can do your copywriting or photography for you. Your hosting and domain registration is free for one year.

Before you choose The Basic Setup please note some of the limitations such as:

  • Design of your website cannot be altered outside of the layouts dimensions. You will be given a tutorial on what your layout dimensions are.
  • If you’d like additional services or features on your website such as extra pages, a mailing list, a separate contact form or gallery, these can be provided by us as Add-Ons and are not free. Please note we are also limited to the dimensions of your chosen layout.
  • It is not possible to transfer over your previous website if you have one with Squarespace or Wix. Squarespace and Wix purposefully keep everything in-house so you are dependant on their company. However, we can try to replicate your previous design and copy over your content. We will also take care of migrating your hosting or domain if you already purchased this elsewhere.

If you feel like you need more for you website, check out The Starter Kit.

What am I paying for?

You may pay for your Basic Setup annually AUD $360 year or monthly AUD $30 a month. This covers us building your website and the ongoing cost covers domain registration, sex working friendly hosting and ongoing support. This can be paid for anonymously. Please note when you purchase a Basic Setup, you are committing to pay for a year of service. Should you wish to terminate your contract, you are obliged to pay for a year of service.

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