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The Customise Me Package

Package: The Customise Me Package

Is The Customise Me Package for me?

The Customise Me Package speaks for itself; you’ll have all the bases covered for your website without an afterthought. This is a great match for any professional who knows that they’ll be doing sex work for the foreseeable future, can see themselves expanding their business and wants to set a high standard for their branding and styling. The All-I-Want Package protects your website from being taken down, you have complete ownership and autonomy and receive our ongoing VIP support. It doesn’t matter what type of sex work you do, in this increasingly hostile environment it is sensible to future-proof your business online to ensure client will find you no matter what.

The Customise Me Package has as many features and pages as you want. Your website platform is Wordpress which is versatile enough that you can learn the basics and we will follow your instructions whenever you need more advanced changes.

This Package will suit you if you know what you want, want your business to shine as unique and demonstrate just how professional you can be.

What do I get with my Customise Me Package?

This one depends on you. You have full creative direction with your website and we are just the workers who put it all together. We can give you advice and guidance on what would suit your desired branding if ever you feel indecisive or stuck. We can give you an idea of what types of things clients look for. If creating online content isn’t your strength you can outsource your copywriting or photography to us. Your website will also get an automatic legal disclaimer popup such as ‘You must be over 18 to view this website’.

Before you choose The Customise Me Package note some of the limitations such as:

  • It is not possible to transfer over your previous website if you have one with Squarespace or Wix. Squarespace and Wix purposefully keep everything in-house so you are dependant on their company. However, we can try to replicate your previous design and copy over your content. We will also take care of migrating your hosting or domain if you already have this covered.

What am I paying for?

As your website will be custom made from scratch, you’re looking at a setup fee of at least $1100. Depending on the type of functions, features, designs and pages you want, this figure will alter. The $40/month fee covers all the costs associated with running a website like hosting, domain registration, security or plugin updates, any repairs, custom email address and ongoing VIP support. You can choose to pay your $40/month annually at $400 and receive two months free. This can be done anonymously. Please note when you purchase The Customise Me, you are committing to pay for a year of service. Should you wish to terminate your contract, you are obliged to pay for a year of service.

If you’d like us to build you a website for $1000 without having us address the ongoing costs on your behalf, just let us know when you set up.

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