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Red Cloud Hosting

Packages & Pricing

Packages and Pricing

The Basic Setup
A$ 30
per month
+ A$490 setup fee
Create a FOSTA/SESTA proof online presence.
The Starter Kit
A$ 30
per month
+ A$800 setup fee
The secure startup that has what you need from the beginning.
A$ 40
per month
+ A$1020 setup fee
You’re a working professional, let us handle everything else.
Customise Me
A$ 40
per month
+ A$1.1k+ setup fee
You're a one-of-a- kind brand and need your style to be perfect from the get-go.
Free one year hosting Includes one year of free hosting
Free one year domain registration Includes domain name registration fee for a .com domain"
Domain email setup Email setup on your custom domain eg. [email protected]
Number of pages How many pages your website will contain 1 4 6 Unlimited
Legal disclaimer Legal disclaimer & popup for sexual content
Unlimited bandwidth Unlimited data transfer (bandwidth) for your website
Optimised for mobile Responsive website built for mobile devices
Included SSL certificate Free SSL certifcate to encrypt traffic to and from your website
Website analytics Details on how well your website is performing provided through Google Analytics or Piwik
Backups Daily backups of your website
Documentation & tutorials Introduction and tutorial to edit and use your site
& 1 on 1 coaching
Ongoing support Ongoing priority customer support and response from Red Cloud

Anonymous registration & payment Pay and use our services completely anonymously
Retain ownership of content Full ownership and autonomy over your website
Donation made Donation amount to Red Files Inc. or a sex worker organisation of your choice $10 $20 $40 $60


Additional Pages from $50 - $150

If you’d like to expand outside of our Packages and add-on an extra page, we can do this. Depending on what you need, we will be able to give you an accurate quote. If you’d like to do something a little special for your website this is a great add-on. If you’d like ideas and options for the types of extra pages that could compliment your website, get in touch. Pages you might want to consider is: duo/doubles, separate galleries, calendar, contact form, tour page, testimonials or FAQ.

Screening Form - $50

Want to save yourself administration time? Drained by the back and forth negotiations with your clients? Let us make you a screening form for your website where clients can provide all the necessary information you need to see them comfortably.

Social Media Plugin - $50

Are you an active social media user? Why isolate your content to one platform? Add-on this feature to your website and let visitors see that you’re engaging, online and for real! This can be your Twitter or Instagram and compliments your website.

Mailing List - $50

If you’re the type who likes to keep in contact with your clients this the perfect add-on for you. Personalised newsletters keep your clients up-to-date with your movements, specials, deals, news, offers and encourages engagement with your website and business.

Domain Email Setup - $100

Want your e-mail address to be @[yourdomain].com? We can help setup your domain email address and help personalise your brand!

One-on-One Website Coaching

Want to empower yourself and learn how to do all the backend website stuff on your own? Kim Cums is an expert and willing to work with you step-by-step to build your knowledge on how to use Wordpress and potentially create your own website. This add-on is perfect for though who need a bit of extra support and lessons during the first 3 months of your new website. You will learn all of the support features in our Red Cloud tech support, demo/lesson on the SSL renewal process and anything else you might need.

SEO Audits - $500

Don’t have time to do your own SEO audit? Tried to do your own audit and felt like you were reading Japanese? An SEO Audit will break down all elements of your website that are affecting your SEO. From your current content, to all that nitty-gritty tech you haven't considered, we leave no stone unturned. We break down the data for you and provide it all in an easy-to-read PDF. We'll then go through the report together, to ensure you understand where your priorities and opportunities lie. You can then implement the changes yourself, or work with us to take care of it all for you. You will receive 40+ pages of actionable, easy-to-read insights. It will be a detailed but plain English report outlining all the issues impacting your sites performance in the search engines, remedies to fix all minor, medium and major problems so that you can help your rankings soar and a one-on-one Skype meeting to cover all the hard questions.

Professional Content and Copywriting - $50/hr (min 4 hrs)

What sets an escort or a service apart from any other is the way you present yourself. Beauty is only skin deep and clients often crave more. Like everyone, they desire a connection and want to know that you are for real. How do they discern that you are the escort for them when they have 100’s to view from? Your website content is key to distinguish you from others.

Most websites take at least four hours to populate and Estelle can do this for you in one sitting for $200, taking the work out of your hands. She can stylise your website and content to match your brand. She can alter her tone in writing to suit your business and what you want to achieve.

All content can be revised two times to ensure you receive optimal results. The content you receive can be republished elsewhere such as your local advertising directory or profile - such as your Tryst profile or social media.

Estelle Lucas is a qualified writer and has worked successfully as a top Australian escort for 10 years. She knows exactly what content attracts clients. Her writing has been published across numerous publications.

Professional copyediting and proofreading - $50/hr (min 2 hrs)

Have you already completed your website and profile content? Are you looking to ensure your spelling, sentence structure, tone, voice, grammar and style are consistent and on-brand? Having a second pair of eyes overview your work ensures your content is at a professional standard and will give you the confidence to write more.

Estelle can look over what you have written, correct any mistakes and make suggestions for improvements or considerations. This can be completed within two hours. All requests are given two revisions to ensure you receive the best results.

Estelle Lucas is a qualified editor and has worked successfully as a top Australian escort for 10 years. She knows exactly what content attracts clients. Outside of sex worker Estelle has completed numerous editting jobs.

Disable right-click and watermark photos - $100

Sick of seeing your hard work and profile plagiarised, copied or replicated elsewhere? Your content is valuable and should never be used without your permission. Add this extra layer of security to protect your copy and the republication of your images.

Professional Photography and Videography

Just a sprinkle - $300 (1-2hrs)
Perfect if you need a video of a performance, rally, quick interview, or help with your new vlog

Rainshower - $550 (4hrs)
Great for a quick profile refresh or to build up a clip library

Liquid Sunshine - $1100 (8hrs)
A whole day to create whatever your heart desires

Professional image editing - $20/each, $100 for 6, 10+ $15/each

Finished with a great shoot and want to use more of your photos? Get your photos polished up and use them as fresh content for your website, your profile or your social media. Images get up to five revisions to ensure you get the exact styling and look you’re envisioning. Image editing includes the services like: colour correction, retouching, blemish removal, background or clothing editing (including changing colour), removal of jewelry, body modification (such as breast enlargement, skin folds, waist lines), lighting, facial blurring, tattoo removal and airbrushing.

Additional Services

Website hosting - $200/year

Red Cloud has its own reliable server for website hosting in Australia. This is a dedicated server just for sex workers and is completely FOSTA-SESTA proof. If you are already happy with your website but would just like to FOSTA-SESTA proof your work and stop it from being shut down, Red Cloud Hosting is perfect for you. Features of our server include:

  • Servers are Australian owned and based;
  • Close proximity (for Australian sex workers) means we get the best speed and our SEO is not punished by Google;
  • Back-up your website and assets every 24 hours;
  • Unlimited transfers so you don’t need to worry about bandwidth;
  • Free SSL to encrypt traffic to and from your website;
  • Competitive pricing;
  • Highest digital protection and security via anonymous website hosting and anonymous payment.
  • Unlimited monthly data transfers.
  • SFTP & cPanel access for your developer.
  • Optimized hosting for Wordpress.
  • MySQL database installation & access.

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