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About Red Cloud Hosting

Simple and easy technology solutions created by sex workers for sex workers.

Red Cloud offers simple, affordable web and technology solutions for sex workers wanting more personalised, secure and friendly services. Red Cloud is entirely sex worker-led and we aim to educate sex workers on technological literacy while we build their website. We believe our community should be able to conduct our business online without stigma, discrimination, bad/disrespectful service and execessive fees.

For every Package you purchase with Red Cloud, a donation is made to Red Files Inc., a sex worker organisation in Australia aimed at harm-minimisation of sex work, or to a sex worker organisation of your choice.

Who we are and what we do

Red Cloud was created in May 2018 by Estelle Lucas, originally as a safe web hosting platform, in retaliation to the March 2018 U.S FOSTA/SESTA laws. Working as an escort and sex worker rights advocate for nearly 10 years she believes escorts and sex workers must have practical, reliable, dependable and simple tools to build websites and work safely online.

One year after launch, Red Cloud evolved to provide further reliable tech and web solutions for sex workers. Too often workers found themselves kicked off web creation platforms, rorted by self-proclaimed webmaster that overpromise and under-deliver (and overcharge) or be completely boggled by the complicated process of setting up a website by yourself.

Red Cloud believes in self-determination and we empower workers to learn how to manage your website in a clean, simple and supported manner. With the help of Webmistress Kim Cums there’s not much you can’t do with a website. Kim is a jill of all trades; she’s learnt how to set up shop online from the ground up. Her sex working website offer a variety of engagements from videos, images, member signup sections, a forum, mailing lists, sex worker friendly payment processes and more. She launched the sex worker focused Bumbershoot Creative and now offers her technological expertise to others.

As of 2019 Red Cloud can now offer sex workers in Australia and internationally:

  • Dedicated and trusted servers for website hosting based in Australia.
  • 100s of website templates specifically tailored and curated to appeal to the sex industry.
  • Personalised domain (for example
  • Domain email setup (for example [email protected]).
  • Complete and customisable website creation and buildup on Wordpress.
  • Migration or replication of past website onto Red Cloud.
  • A variety of website Packages aimed at sex workers at any stage of their business.
  • Add-ons to provide your website a personal touch such as mailing lists, blog, screening forms or tours page.
  • Content creation, copywriting and editing that suit the legality of your country.
  • General website tweaks and must-have plugin, security and SSL updates.
  • Professional videography for escorts, porn performers and webcam models.
  • Professional photography geared for content creation, escort portfolios, brand building.
  • Professional editing of images including colour correction, blemishes, body modification, lighting, facial blurring, tattoo removal and airbrushing.
  • Dedicated sex working support team to help and guide you with quick responses.
  • Individual, one-on-one website creation coaching and training to empower you with Kim Cums.
  • SEO audits and analytics setup.

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