About Red Cloud Hosting

Created by Australian sex workers for sex workers.

Red Cloud offers a simple, affordable web hosting solution for Australian sex workers wanting the most efficient, secure and friendly service. Red Cloud is entirely sex worker led to completely protect our community from the reaches of the US FOSTA/SESTA laws. Red Cloud donates all of its proceeds back into the sex working community so you know your money is well spent.

How & why we started

Red Cloud was created by Estelle Lucas (that’s me!) in retaliation to the US FOSTA/SESTA laws. I’ve worked as a sex worker for nearly 10 years and I strongly believe sex workers have the right to work online safely and will passionately defend that right. I’ve advocated for sex worker rights for years and I’m interested in working with the community to offer practical solutions to everyday problems.

The initial idea behind Red Cloud was to shield Australian sex workers from the reaches of American law, but I soon realised Red Cloud had more to offer to the community. There are many sex worker organisations that need financial support – some of which I’m involved with – and Red Cloud can address that need.

Once all the start-up costs are covered for Red Cloud, I will donate all proceeds to an unfunded sex worker organisation. I’ll be accompanying this promise with financial reports available to Red Cloud patrons yearly.

This means I don’t see a cent and you know that your hard-earned money is going back to support our community.

I’ve always been passionate about how technology can assist sex worker in our line of work and as such I’ve designed this server specifically for sex worker needs. If you’re a sex worker who is interested in FOSTA/SESTA proofing their website, I’ve ensured you get the optimal service for your hosting by:

  • Ensuring servers are Australian owned and based;
  • Close proximity means we get the best speed and our SEO is not punished by Google;
  • Back-up your website every 24 hours;
  • Allow unlimited transfers so you don’t need to worry about bandwidth;
  • Allowed free SSL to encrypt traffic to and from your website;
  • Competitive pricing;
  • Ensured the highest digital protection I can offer through things like anonymous web hosting and anonymous payment.

I encourage curiosity with Red Cloud so please do not hesitate to talk to your tech-friends about whether this is a viable option for you or ask me questions. Red Cloud is designed to be the best service for Southern hemisphere workers – if you’re from the Northern hemisphere I suggest checking out redumbrelle.ch for the most value.

If you’re a sex worker who is set for hosting but love what this is about, then I’ll shamelessly plug in how you can support Red Cloud. Some sex workers have donated a years hosting for sex workers who can’t afford to switch over to Red Cloud. If this is something that might interest you, get into contact.

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